Learn How To Get Free Apple Products

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Why Pay For An IPad When You Can Get One Free?

In this day in age it’s almost possible to get anything that you’re looking for free one way or another. Why spend $300-500 on an iPad or risk dealing with shady dealers on craigslist who list fake iPads for sale when you can simply try getting one for free just by filling out a few questions. Most people think services like which offers something for nothing are always scams and most of the time they are right. In this case, the companies who are providing free iPads to select users are not a scam, advertisers pay them large amounts of money and this allows them to give away free iPads and things of that nature since so it’s a win/win for everybody involved.

The way this works is very simple, all you have to do is just fill out a simple survey (I know, I know we all hate to fill out surveys) but this is very short and no real personal information is required. When I first tried it, it took me about 15-20 minutes to fill out everything. Once all the required information is given, 150 users are randomly chosen every week and will be notified by email on whether or not they won. If you’ve won you will automatically be notified by emails so make sure that you check your inbox and spam box daily.

You can find iPads for sale going upwards to 800 on ebay. Even if you do not like iPads you can always just sell it if you won and make a very decent profit.

Here are a few unboxing photo’s which I took:

The only thing that cost me money was paying for the shipping but that's about it. If you do the math you are saving 98% on an iPad with little to no risk involved. This only other possible way I think you could get a cheap iPad would be to steal it. There's no point in stealing somthing you can potentially get for free. Also, be careful of chinese fakes floating around on the internet, if you see a cheap ipad going on ebay or craglist STAY FAR AWAY, these are not made by apple and are simply chinese made knockoffs. The iPad I recived was 100% real made by apple, so rest assured if you decided to sign up for a free iPad, if you win you will be given a 100% genuine iPad.